Dry Ideas


Hand crafted teas

Dry Ideas grow their tea in southern Tasmania, beside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. This is one of Australias largest conservation areas covering nearly 16,000 square kilometers, a little smaller than Wales in the UK and about 20% of the state. This is one of the last expanses of temperature wilderness in existance. Tasmania is the home to the global clean air monitoring station. It is one of the cleanest environments in the world to grow tea. If you want healthy tea that makes you feel good, drink Tasmanian Tea.
50g Huon Green Image

50g Huon Green
Yum Yum oh so refreshing

50g HuonOolong Image

50g HuonOolong
Delight in a cup

50g Huon Black Image

50g Huon Black
Ohh so smooth no need to add milk to this one.

50g Sparkle tea Image

50g Sparkle tea
Huon black tea and pinot grapes

50g Huon Go Image

50g Huon Go
Huon Green tea and sour cherry

HuonOolong T bags Image

HuonOolong T bags
10 hand crafted tea bags

30g Spring green Image

30g Spring green
Fresh and lively green tea

30g Natcha Image

30g Natcha
Natural and pure Tasmanian green tea powder

100g Sparkle tea Image

100g Sparkle tea
Huon black tea and pinot grapes

100g Huon Green Image

100g Huon Green
For a little more tea to enjoy

100g Huon Oolong Image

100g Huon Oolong
Most enjoyable

100g Huon Black Image

100g Huon Black
The best tasting tea around

10 Tea cuttings Image

10 Tea cuttings
Australia only, posted in June / July